Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Gal Magic ♥

Ageha is, and always will be, one of my favorite magazines when it comes to fashion and styling!
It´s also kinda my Sakurina style bible, since she´s featured so often. xD"

Even though they're disappointing me fashion-wise recently (I just can't see any new trends, everything seems to be... spring wear 2011 with some extra fur. XD"), Ageha does never fail to entertain me. There's always at least 20 pages that I find absolutely amazing!

This time... I found something that I really love to share with you!
Some of the most famous Ageha models were showing off their transformation from normal girl to Gyaru!

I often have the feeling that the japanese meaning of "Gyaru" differs a lot with the western meaning of "Gyaru".
Japanese Gal seems to be more about lifestyle, having fun and making the best out of your body and facial features. The Gals also seem to respect and support each other more, and treat each other way less discriminating.
I won't lump all of western Gals together, since most of them are really nice and friendly persons! I got to know so many helpful and inspiring persons, that motivate me to try hard to be one of them one day! But as we all know, there's also a lot of drama.

An example: There was one secret that left me a bit stunned a while ago. It's about cute Suzu, which is one of the sweetest german Gals in my opinion! (Ich hoffe es ist okay für dich, das ich das Secret hier poste! Wenn nicht, dann gib mir bitte bescheid, ich nehms sofort raus! >///< Es geht mir mehr um den Inhalt als um das Secret an sich)
Check the secret here
It's put in nice words, but still some kind of critics that I could never agree with.

Everybody's born with her/his own body and facial features - that's what makes a person unique.
In my opinion, Gyaru is about making the best out of your body and face.
No matter if you're a bit chubby, your boobs are small, you've got bad skin, or you've got strawy looking hair. Everybody can do it well, as long as you put enough effort in it!

I have a lot of birthmarks on my face and body. My lips are very thin, especially my upper one. I have wonky, X shaped legs. I'm definately not skinny, I'm more like... average, tend to be on the chubby side.
Nobody's perfect, but all those flaws actually keep me aiming for the perfect appearance - which is for me, Gyaru. I'm trying hard to make the best out of me. And most important, I (me, myself! xD) am happy with it.

Wow, enough beating around the bush - haha, I got so far away from what I actually wanted to say. xD
Everybody can be Gyaru, I believe. Without plastic surgery and the like!

(NOTE: I'm definately NOT perfectly against plastic surgery. I agree that it's sometimes the best way to cure deep mental issues and body disabilitys! But for me, there's a huge difference between "I want to get my lips done because of my fashion ideal!" and "I want to get breast implants because my left breast is cup A while the right side is a C".)

Enough of my blabla, up onto the pictures. ;)
Plz note: I don't know if some of those Gals have gotten plastic surgery before - and they're obviously photoshopped, even in the "before" photos. BUT you still get a big impression of their natural look without any Gal make-up and hair! ^^

I was really surprised that she looks like my classmate without all of her Gal make-up! So cute! xD
Her eyes get a way stronger accent with make-up on and nude colored lips. I like her flat hair, but the curly one does flatter her face shape so much more!

She´s got such a dollface by nature, but her face is pretty long - I just realized it on this make-up less photo!
I think her porcelain face does benefit a lot from her colored make-up, especially lipstick and blush. The bold side swept bangs do cover her long face a bit, while the tiny curls are just too cute! x3

What a big difference! She´s got a pretty long nose, and some amazing gradient hair!
Carefully applied nose make-up does cover up the fact that her nose is pretty long. The biggest accent is her eye make-up. The gradient hair does look even more interesting when styled like this, don´t you think so? =D

What silky flat hair she does naturally have! *__* I wish mine was like that... but her face looks a bit tired, and her lips appear to be quite small.
Some fresh colors of the make-up (blush, lipcolor) do give her a more healthy look! The lips also seem enlarged, while the curly hair does give her the final touch of Gyaru look!

When not wearing make-up, Himena´s nose is very present. Her eyes seem to be a bit downsunk on her inner eyecorner, while the outer eyecorner does sit a tiny bit higher. (Which I think is really super beautiful! >///<) Her hair does have a kind of hime-cut, which is even more visible when worn flat. o///o
Himena does correct her eye-shape with dark make-up, this does also take the accent from her nose. Her hair looks amazing and princessy as always, the side-swept bangs make her face appear even softer and more feminine.

What a cutie! :´D But her thin lips almost disappear... and she´s looking extremely young, almost like a 12 year old!
Some lipstick does the magic making her lips appear, while the eye make-up makes her more womanly. I personally think her hair does look amazing and healthy in both styles, curly and straight! But well... curly does still imply more Gyaru-ness, don´t you think so? xD

Those photos have motivated and inspired me a lot. If they can be Gyaru, then one day I can be, too! I just have to work hard for it! >__<
To sum up this entry: Teppei Koike Motivational! xD

Haha, I was carving a pumkin with the kid´s of the neighbourhood yesterday! (Had to do some babysitting, since their parents were all invited to a wedding ceremony). We had so much fun, and the lantern turned out pretty simple but so cute in the end! x3
(My mom´s little ceramic pumkin lantern is on the right side)

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. himena and satomin are my favorite agejo ^^!I love ageyo style, but i cant wear it^^..isn't my style DX

  2. I´m not so much into Himena, but Satomin is cute! My favorite Agejo is Sayo Hayakawa, she´s so sexy! *__*
    I think your current style is already perfect for you! You suit the cute theme so much, with your sweet bambi eyes! x3