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"At the age of six in a difficult childhood, I said I want to make every woman a princess. That was an escape from reality."

Harald GlööcklerLink

There are just a few western fashion designers that can catch my interest - Harald Glööckler is one of them. I`ll give you a little introduction about this guy, if you want more information plz check his homepage here:
Harald Glööckler / Pompöös

Harald Glöckler (he got his name corrected to "Glööckler" later his life) was born on 30th May 1965 in Maulbronn, a small city in the south of Germany. He's had a difficult childhood, with his mother dying in an accident way too early - when he was just 13 years old. It´s rumored that his father was the cause for the deadly accident.

Harald Glöckler got fascinated with fashion at the young age of six years, when he visited an exhibition of Otto Dix. Ever since this day, he practised using needle and thread, different fabrics, and crafting accessorys.

Later his life, he became a salesman in fashion industry - and soon started to modify the pieces for sale to his own taste. With a basic knowledge about the mechanism of fashion industry and his unique taste, he started his career in fashion world with his label "POMPÖÖS"
(pompous) - unmistakable thanks to his golden crown icon.

Starting off as a store owner, he soon was working with the biggest german TV shopping channels - and so gained a lot fame within a short period of time.
Nowadays he's like a shopping channel idol, selling his collections
(that now include clothes, jewelry, tablewear and the like) internationally - also in Japan, where he became pretty popular! (Some photos of that at the end of this entry!)

Mr. Glööckler has especially taken the heart of 50+ ladies by storm. His collections are fashionable, but still modest - and the most important fact: He does produce clothes in wearable sizes. "Not every woman can wear a size 36/S or below."

I really like this guy, because he's just too freaking eccentrically! I get the "mad genius" vibe from him, somehow. (I also still do like Novala Takemoto... don´t hate on me... xD")
And hey... I'm so into princessy theme and leo-print recently - how can I resist? xD"

When it comes to the clothes, I can hardly find anything I would wear - "Pompöös" is just not targeted at younger people. But sometimes it's possible to find little treasures, that just need some altering. More about that at the end of this entry. ;D
BUT! The rest of the "POMPÖÖS" collection is definately worth a look! Princessy theme anywhere, spiced up with some nice animal prints!

Let's take a look!

I hate rain in general, but with this baby... I won't mind going out. xD

That print remembers me of MA*RS, somehow! (It's too vibrant for Jesus Diamante, so I would rather say MA*RS... do you agree? o.O)

TIGER DISHESReally nice, but would be even better with some more bling bling I think! =)

Now THAT is glamour! *__*
The powder case even has got some gemstones on it!

Leo print, leather, and bling bling... I so want one! >///<
And again, the crown label - show's up pretty much everywhere in "POMPÖÖS" collections. There's nothing more princessy then a crown. ♥

The Glööckler himself. xD
And two of his designs - I especially love the corset of the dress on the right side, it looks so elegant!
And damn, I love his boots! *__* So rockish!

Gorgeous coordinate! *__*
It's so flattering to a curvy figure, and those colors are simply HOT!
I guess Mr. Glööckler was inspired by japanese traditional clothes... The make-up, hair and kind-of-obi-belt gives me a strong Kimono vibe!

Some photos of Mr. Glööckler in Japan...

He was selling necklaces that day, if I got it right. xD

Hard to decide who's most fashionable. XD
My vote goes for Gyaruo on Mr. Glööcklers right side.

GAL TIME!The girl on the left side is so cuuuute! >///<

One more I would love to show you...
HARALD GLÖÖCKLER FOR PETA"Animals wear fur, People wear fashion."
Mr. Glööckler is standing against the use of fur - his creations feature high quality fake fur.
That photo... so... AWESOME. xD

My "POMPÖÖS" fake fur Poncho!
I bought it second hand for a ridiculous cheap price (I think the original price was at about 179€) - the leo look has taken my heart by storm, I couldn't help it. :´D
The fake fur has a quality I've never felt before on an imitation - it's super soft and so closely woven! Especially the cream colored parts of the Poncho are extremely well made!
A pity that I'll take it off... xD"

The Poncho is just too long for me, so I'll take the bottom row of cream fur off. I'll replace it with some black lace, I think. The collar has to go too, because I just don't like this shape of collar on me (it's a bit of peter pan collar style, no thanks. xD"). I have an old black fake fur stole that I'm planning to sew on. o.O

And with the leftover fur, Ill craft my Honey's christmas present! x3

Did you ever hear about this label, or maybe about the designer? I wonder how famous he actually is, since he got praised a lot recently. o.O
What do you think about his collection?

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. Harald Glööckler ist ein Genie und ich liebe seine Sachen! <3 Alles muss blinken und hübsch sein! <3<3<3

  2. waaah I waaant the notebook badly! it's super fab <33

  3. I love this umbrella <3<3
    I follow u!! nice and cute blogg <3<3
    One kiss!!^^

  4. @Hyenaurun: Seh ich genauso, ich bewundere den Mann total! Leider ernte ich damit immer wieder nen Lacher, weil die meisten Leute denken er macht nur Omi-Kleidung! >///< Die haben alle keine Ahnung. Ò___O

    @Rindodo: Yes, but it´s such a rare item! There´s not much "POMPÖÖS" stationary out there, unfortunately. >///<

    @María: The umbrella is one of my favorites, too! x3
    Thank you so much for liking my blog! I´m following your Gal blog now, too - I so love the pixel dolls all over your blog, they´re so cute! x3
    One kiss back! ;D

  5. "Animals wear fur, People wear fashion." Amazing quote!!!
    Love your hair, is gorgeuos!!! *___________*
    Nice blog too!! :3

  6. @Mikirin: Thank you so much! You're a wonderful Gal, so sad I didn't find your blog earlier - I'm following you now! =D