Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Princess day out ♥

A while ago I got an invitation from lovely Shoi, she asked me out for a Lolita meetup! So we went there last Saturday, and it was GORGEOUS ♥

Shoi came over to my appartment, and we dolled up together. Even just getting dressed was so much fun with her, she's such a sweet girl! After we faced the wig disaster and the eyelash catastrophy (lol - I was so clumsy that day, and couldn't really help Shoi out with anything. So sorry girl, next time I'll take better care of you!), we finished the process in a record-breaking time of 1 1/2 hours, gosh! O__O I usually need almost twice that time!

Well, we were terribly late anyways, and almost missed the train. lol
Thanks to my friend (not allowed to mention his name, sorry. ;D) and his FURIOUS driving style, we still made it! x3

At the main station, we met up with all the other Lolitas - they were all so cute and nice! ;__; We never met before, but they were so kind and heartwarming - I felt so comfortable immediately! ♥ (I didn't get the permission for posting their photos here yet, so I'll only show photos of Shoi and me)

We went to the toy museum together, which was pretty small, but yet very interesting!

Barbies ancestors!
Those dolls were so lovely! *__*
Barbies face and appearance changed so much over the years, and look at the skintones! I never saw a pale Barbie before. O__O
My favorite is the elegant doll in the lowest row, 3rd counted starting from the right side ♥

Haha, I'm such a freak for those films. xD
So I really loved this part of the museum a lot!

Teddy graveyard?! o__o"
Scary? Then you better skip the photo below this sentence...

Jigsaw (from "Saw" movie) doesn't exist, Jigsaw doesn't exist... >/////<

After we finished our tour at the museum, Shoi and me dragged the others to get some Bubble Tea! x3
It was my first real Bubble tea, I was so excited! O////O

Cute design cup!
I had green tea with Lychee and Coconut boba!
It was so GOOD! I´m addicted now ♥

In front of the Bubble Tea store
My wig is a bit messy, sorry. o__o" But Shoi looks so cute in her Milky-chan! :´D
The owner of that store was really cute and friendly! He's going to open a bigger store soon, good luck! Be sure I'll be one of your customers in the future, your bubble tea is gorgeous! ♥

It was kinda bad decision to get a cold Bubble Tea in the middle of November... I was freezing like hell after that. xD"
So I really appreciated that the others wanted to go to a cute Café to grab a bite!

Aaaah, some warm tea! :´D
Rooibos Strawberry Cream ♥

The Café was super cute! I'm a bit sad I didn't take any photos of the interior except of...

The restroom! xD"
But hey. That's EPIC, isn't it? x3
Those toilets are so Lolita ♥

Shoi also managed to take this super sweet photo of us at the restroom!
Ahhhw, thanks Honey! I'm always looking horrible on photos, but once you hold the camera, every photo does turn out well! :´D
As you can see, I was going for a Hime/Princess themed outfit. Shoi was pulling off the Sweet Lolita style so well! ♥

Outfit Shot, taken in front of a door with attached mirror at the Café
Derpy Pose. Sorry for that. <.<
Outfit Rundown:
OP: Angelic Pretty "Rose Toilette"
Blouse: Bodyline
Headpiece: Angelic Pretty "Lady Rose" (I attached a rose to it)
Socks: Angelic Pretty
Shoes: Secret Shop
Anything else: Offbrand

After we had a really nice chat at the Café, it got really dark outside. It was time to go home after all. =(
The other Lolitas and our single Dandy were so nice to guide us back to the main station - thank you so much, without you we would have gotten lost FOREVER! xD"
It was really sad to split up from this lovely group of people, the whole day went by so fast! I'm very thankful to all of you, you treated us so heartwarming and kind - I so wish we can meet again soon! Thanks for everything!

So we took the train back home...
...The sad shoe shot we took while sitting in the train. xD"
Next time I'll remember to take one when we're still a GROUP. xD"

As we arrived back at our town, we visited Shoi's workplace - a kinda department store - because she really wanted to show off and explain to her workmates what Lolita is.
The guys there were freakin' scared of my contact lenses, one of them even called me "Vampire". <.< Dude, seriously. That´s no way to treat a princess! xD
After taking a load of photos there, we called it a day and went home. =)

Last but not least ~ List of words we got called after:
Wedding party
Theatre group
Event group
Sailor Moon (?! I don't even... xD")

Positive reaction: 35%
Negative reaction: 10%
Neutral reaction: 55%

Haha, it was a really fun day - and so relaxing after I was working hard all week long! x3

But no time for taking a break now, I just wanted to bring up this post before I forget about it completely. I'll be on a hiatus until end of this week, until the big school party we (the students council) are preparing has sucessfully ended! ;)
Plz bear with me until then! ;)

Be well and have a good time! =D

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. Awww lolitas are so lovely. I wish that u could put more photos.

  2. Ahhh Sweety U look so gorgeous! I love your look. U re so beautiful <3 <3 <3

  3. Vielen, lieben Dank nochmal für deine süssen Grüße! <3 Ich werde erst mit 25 aufhören mein Alter zu zählen XD;

    Du Siehst wunderschön aus und das Rose Toilette steht dir wunderbar! Wie für dich gemacht! Der Mantel ist auch ganz toll *O*
    Ich vermisse diese Tea Parties nach einem kalten Spaziergang richtig.

    Die Toilette rockt richtig XD