Sunday, November 13, 2011

November is busy. x__X

Hey princesses and princes, hope you're all doing well! Getting ready for christmas already? ;)

School and life keeps me quite busy these days!

I've become member of the students council, which means some extra work from time to time... and since there'll be a big welcome party for the junior students on the last weekend of this month, work doubled for me. x__X
I'm responsible for the decoration, which means a lot of shopping, crafting, and hands full of sticky glue and glitter... looks quite fancy. I mean... the decoration AND my hands. xD"

My driving teacher keeps on pronouncing that I'm the most EPIC FAIL of driver PERIOD. Thanks Robert, you keep me motivated every day. xD"
To describe my style of driving... no wait. There's no word that can do my horrible driving style justice. I'm serious. And ashamed. xD"
I'm just so scared of EVERYTHING while driving. If there's a cyclist 30m ahead of me, I already start panicking. (cyclist = EVIL. Doesn't follow any international traffic rules NOR human self-conception.) I also HATE highways. Mostly because of the trucks everywhere, and my disability of passing them. (My last passing maneuver took 2 minutes - that's at least how I felt. And that stupid truck wasn't even that long! When i finally reached the driving cab of the truck, the driver was staring down into the car, laughing his ass off. So did my driving teacher, thanks Robert! xD")
If everything goes on like this, I might get my license 2013. That's why my driving teacher forced me to take at least 2 practical and 2 theoretical lessons per week. xD"
Well, keeps me quite busy and on a constantly low budget - but I think it's worth it.
2013... never ever. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED! xD

I also got invited to a lolita meetup this Saturday, which I'm so looking forward to! But on the other hand... it leaves me with the problem that pretty much every girl has in such a situation.
I mean... not really. There´s a fine selection of lolita wardrobe in my closet, but... I want something new, an new coordination of my lolita wardrobe!
Which leads me to the next problem. The last weeks when I had some time left, I was mostly focussing on improving my Gal style, so that I can hopefully call myself proudly "Gyaru" by the next year (I still don't feel good enough yet). Seems I really lost my feeling (or maybe even the ability) for coordinating a decent lolita outfit. ;__;
Nya. I guess I'll be browsing "Daily Lolita" tomorrow during my school breaks, since that's hardly the only off time I can get the next few days. xD" This community does never fail to give me inspiration. Wish me luck. ;)

Oh yes, November is busy for me right now. So please bear with me if I can't write any comments,blog entrys, messages and such.
I'll be back around 1 1/2 weeks later. ;)

I'll leave some recent photos here! ;)I ruined it with my fail photoshop skills. ;__;
I actually tried a tutorial "how to apply glow on your skin", since I wanted beautifuly glow-y photos like Sakurinas... but as you can see, it turned out horribly.
And stupid me saved the changes on the original file, dammit. ;__; My BF said he can fix it (he´s a webdesigner and very capable of photoshop), but that'll take some time. Once I get the result, I'll post the photo here, too! Good luck with your rescue mission, Binny! xD"

I was wearing...
...a total of 4 (!) prisila hairpieces! lol
I tried to arrange it in sujimori style a bit, but the wig hair lost the shape quickly. I need new hairspray that can hold wig fiber, too. =( (I heard got2be is really good?)
New D.I.A cardigan, offbrand hairbow and necklace, choker from Gothic Lolita Princess (I told you I started off as an ita. lol ~ I cut off the plastic lace, now it makes a decent rokku gal choker I think! x3)

Before I went out, I decided to switch from my cardigan to my new Yumetenbo blouse.
It has got a swallowtail! :´D
Sorry for my weird pose...

OVK boots, ruffle skorts and blouse by Yumetenbo.

Close up to scare the *** out of you before you leave.
Wow. Princess Mimi lenses look creepy from this angle. xD"
That glow still looks missplaced, but at least it's not as UBER-shiny as on the other photos. =/

Even though I could improve my make-up recently (especially the eye make-up), I still feel so imperfect. I fail in the most simple things like applying blush or nose stripe, since I don't apply that on a daily basis. Hmmm, still way to go until I can call myself "Gyaru" one day. ^^"
But I'll keep going! =D

P.S.: If any of you have some nice photoshop "skin glow" tutorials for me, plz let me know! ;)
Be well alltogether! =D

It´s such a sweet, sweet life, isn´t it?


  1. Don't feel lonely if you are horrible at driving. I have a driving licence but I hate to actually drive myself. Haven't done that for years so it's likely that I've forgotten everything about it.

    I also have a friend who felt terrible at driving, but she managed to get that damned thing somehow and now she actually likes it. Noone arround who forces her to this, or to do that, anymore and her views on it have changed completely.

    And screw your teacher. Every student is just as good as his teacher allows him to be. Maybe he should try to annihilate your fears and not strengthen them.

    However, good luck and have fun being busy! :3

  2. Wow ich liebe deine Haare in diesen Bildern. Würde mich echt freuen, wenn du mal einen Beitrag dazu schreiben könntest. Ich hab so ehrlich gesagt absolut keine Ahnung von Sujimori >_<

    Viel Glück bei deinem Führerschein im Übrigen ^_^

  3. Dudeeeee, you're really pretty, Chira! Oh that teacher sounds like a major jerk! I'm lagging on getting my permit for driving here in the States!

    Oh by the way, do you know if anyone is interested in buying my Liz Lisa dress? I can now ship internationally! ^^

  4. @Metatron: Ohje, glaubst du wirklich du hast alles übers Fahren vergessen? o__o" Wir können den Führerschein ja zusammen machen, dann kriegst du wieder Übung! xD

    Ich hoffe so sehr das es mir auch so geht wie deiner Freundin, momentan hasse ich das Fahren ganz furchtbar. Ich hab wirklich Angst vor den Fahrstunden. ^^"
    Aber du hast schon Recht, ich sollte diesem Schweinehund in den Arsch treten. Also meinem persönlichen, und meinem Lehrer. XD
    *auf to-do-Liste schreib*

    Der ganze Stress hält nur noch bis Samstag an, denke ich. Dann ist die Party gelaufen und alles wieder aufgeräumt (hoffentlich). Bin wirklich froh wenn´s vorüber ist, so langsam vergeht mir der Spaß an dem ganzen. =(

    Dann bleibt wieder Zeit für dich wichtigen Dinge! ;)

    @Anna: Ahhhw, vielen Dank für das Kompliment, aber das darf ich garnicht wirklich annehmen! xD"
    Das sind garnicht meine echten Haare, die reichen mir gerade mal bis über die Schulter. Ich trage auf dem Foto meine Prisila hairpieces, die ich zum Sujimori zurecht gelegt habe. Das ist wieder was ganz anderes als die "hohe Kunst" des Sujimori, meine Technik ist viel simpler. ^^"

    Haha, danke! Das Glück kann ich wohl gebrauchen! xD"

    @Jasmine: Thanks sweetie! x3
    Haha, well - my teacher is a weird and strict guy, but he does also push me forward a lot, which I appreciate. I just didn´t find the right way to get along with him yet, I suppose. xD"

    Sorry dear, I don´t know girls that are interested in Liz Lisa at all - and to speak for myself, I already have that dress.
    But good luck with your sales anyways! =D