Friday, July 27, 2012

Offbrand fashion finds ♥

Importing fashion goods from Japan can sometimes be very expensive (especially when you live in a country that charges horrendous custom fees like Germany... <.<) and take a long time. 
Of course, owning a Gyaru/Lolita brand item that comes straight from Japan does have a very special feel to it - I won't deny that I really love this! xD But it's sometimes also very nice to spot some Gyaru-able and less pricey items in the stores...

This is what I found lately! =)


Emoda/Murua (?) style pants - 14,95€
I've seen similiar style leggins by Emoda or Murua, I can't be 100% sure anymore. x___X I guess it was Murua though, since they're sporting bold monochrome prints. 

Hime earrings - 4,95€
Probably no big news for you, since those earrings are in stores since 1/2 a year already. ;) But still a cute find!
(Can you believe this is actually the only item I really BOUGHT from this listing? I've become so greedy... xD")

Liz Lisa style shoes - 39,95€
Not 100% the thing, but still a nice match I think! =)

Lace shorts - 24,95€
A nice basic piece for Gal wardrobe. =) (perfect as safety pants under too short dresses)

(A store based in Germany, but does also deliver to a few international countries! Plz check "Versand")

Romantic Liz Lisa style shirt - 10€
Pimkie does actually often carry shirts that resemble Liz Lisa and Tralala style.

Liz Lisa style Denim Blouse - 30€
It does resemble the famous denim x lace blouse that Liz Lisa was selling a while ago! It does look sloppy on the model, though. =/

Union Jack x Skull shirt - 15€
Combining two current trends - Union Jack flag and skull print, haha! Will look cool with rokku Gyaru! =)

Biker Boots - 34,99€
A basic for Gyaru-o styles. They look really comfy! 

(unfortunately, they don't have an online store. =/ If you don't have a Tally Weijl store close to your place, you might want to check Ebay!)

JSG style Jacket - 25€
Even if it doesn't have nekomimi ears, it still gives off the JSG vibe for me! xD

Cecil McBee style bag - 20€
It somehow reminds me of a bag that I saw at Cecil McBee - just a little more golden bling bling, and it'll be perfect! x3

Hime style mules - 26€
A Himegyaru basic ♥ White is easy to combine with a lot of colors, very versatile! 

Golds Infinity / Stella style dress - 30€
Once more, I'm not sure in which brand scheme this dress does fit the most... I guess Golds Infinity, since they're doing the lace-layering very often? Anyways, it'll be gorgeous for Agejo styles! ♥

Please share your offbrand finds, if you have some! =D

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?


  1. OMG. Wow, du hast ein gutes Auge, ich finde selten solche tolle Sachen mit Ähnlichkeit zu den Gyarumarken. Vorallem weil ich kürzlich im Tally W. war und dise Schuhe übersehen habe o_O. Muss die haben...
    Dein Blog ist super schön ^-^Grüsse aus der CH.

    1. Hab vielen Dank für das Kompliment! x3

      Haha, ich hab mittlerweile ein Auge dafür entwickelt, weil ich mir vorgenommen habe weniger Sachen aus Asien zu importieren - der Umgang mit Zoll und Zollbeamten hat mich einfach viel zu sehr gestresst! >___<"

      Ich hoffe du konntest die Schuhe ergattern. ;D Freut mich immer sehr, wenn ich helfen kann <3

  2. This white mules is so cute <3

    1. Yes, they are <3
      Unfortunately they were sold out in my size. =/