Sunday, July 15, 2012

Para♥Para - The Gal way to dance! ♥

I'm sorry for the lack of entrys again. =/ A few very bad things happened the past weeks, so I was pretty much busy with keeping my life going it's usual way. Anyways, my life moral: After touching the ground, there's only one way left: UP. =) 
I'm pretty okay again at this point, so up with some more reasonable entrys! ;D

The topic I've chosen this time is "Para Para"! 
Unbelievable that I didn’t make an entry about Para Para yet – so here you go! =D

What is Para Para?
“Para Para” is the name of a japanese synchronized group dancing style, that does involve a lot of hand and arm movements, while the legs mostly repeat one very simple step. Since it’s hard to describe that dancing style with words, I’ll simply show you this video. ;)

As you might have already heard from that video, Para Para is tightly bond to techno beats and synthesized pop. The music genre mostly tied to this dancing style is “Eurobeat” – but Para Para literally works with every kind of upbeat electronic music. There are substyles such as “AniPara” (remixed Anime Intro/Outro songs), “TechPara” (Techno) and “TraPara” (Trance) for example.

The roots of this dancing style cannot be dated exactly (probably super bad english here, sorry. lol). It’s rumored that Para Para was invented in the late 70’s already. Anyways, it got mostly famous in the middle of the 90’s, when Gyaru style was growing more and more popular, and adapted “Para Para” dancing as part of Gal lifestyle.

Dancing Para Para used to be a very common group activity in Gal circles, and was often practised in public. There is no compulsory choreography for the songs, so every Gal-Cir created their own way of dancing to the songs - soon, there were competitions held between the different circles. This way, Para Para grew more and more popular.
In no time, even famous Gyaru models were sporting this kind of dancing style. Mostly famous are the videos of egg models, just check this one out! =D

If you search for “para para” on youtube, you’ll get to see a lot of great videos, so I’m not going to spam you with random stuff now. =) I’ll introduce you variety of pretty famous / simply gorgeous Para Para routines now. ;)

Hinoi Team feat. Choshu Korikki – “Night of fire”

This video combines 3 mentionable names/titles related to "Para Para"! 
”Hinoi Team” is probably the most famous Para Para dancing group, consisting of 4 female members. The girls are not exactly fitting into the definition of “Gyaru”, but that’s no reason to not be a gorgeous Para Para dancer, right? ;) They have a lot of amazing videos on – some of them do have quite simple choreography and are perfect for beginners, so check them out if you’re interested! ;)
Choshu Korikki is a japanese comedian, that included dancing Para Para to his running gags. However, he’s having unexpectedly much of a talent for this kind of dance! He made it far enough to dance in the video of Hinoi Team and other dance combos, and he used to be performing as a starter on Para Para dance competitions! So come on… if he can do it, you can do so, too! ;D
”Night of fire” is probably the most famous tune in Para Para. There do exist a loooot of dance routines and remixes for this track, you can check it out on youtube! ;D

Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu – “Caramel Dansen”

Okay, a lot of Gals might feel the urge to kill me now… xD” But for me, this video was one of my first encounter with Para Para. (Yes, I am aware that this is not the original song that was played along with the video, but just a remix).
Actually, a lot of Anime feature Para Para scenes – one more example would be oh-so-famous Sailor Moon! ;D

Mi->Na – “Moonlight Densetsu”

A remix of the super famous Sailor Moon song! I totally LOVE that dance routine!

Hi-Cross – “A love at first sis”  
(I verdict a typo here. XD)

Hi-Cross dance group is my absolute favorite when it comes to dance routines, I love their more aggressive and sexy way of moving! This is also a very good example that Para Para is NOT only a girls dance. ;D (Even though Hi-Cross does also have female members!)
My favorites are Mituki and Reiya ♥

Aaaand… especially for the german Gals…
Shanadoo – “King Kong” Para Para routine instruction! XD

 And the music video...
Shanadoo - "King Kong"

Explanation: Shanadoo is a group of 4 japanese girls, that do perform covered songs spiced up with Para Para dancemoves – Shanadoo was produced in Germany, they had a one-hit-wonder in the summer of 2006, with their song “King Kong”. They had a couple of more songs after that, but none of them was a hit…

Unfortunately, nowadays Para Para isn’t a big part of Gyaru anymore – it’s rated beeing “outdated”, and put into the same drawer as Manba styling. Kinda sad, I think – it used to be a signature Gal thing, so I will cling to it. It also is a lot of fun to learn new dance routines (even though I’m not a good dancer at all! xD), you should really try it! ;D *desperately trying to spread some Para Para love xD*

What do you think of "Para Para", I wonder? What was your feeling about this dancing style, when you first saw it?
(I still remember how I found it super silly looking when I saw "Para Para" dancing the first time. xD)

Special thanks to my dear "Para Para expert" Mai-chan, that catered me with ton's of infos and video suggestions! You're the best ♥

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?


  1. Awww too bad Para Para is not trending between gyaru anymore, I really like this style of dancing.

    1. I'm thinking the same! Everytime I listen to para para tunes, I wish it was still super popular amongst Gyaru! =/

  2. I have danced Para Para along the most famous street in Barcelona, it's SO funny... xDDD

    I've seen in your Blogger profile that you're Lolita so, if you want, you can read my new post, where I talk about the last lolita meeting here, in Barcelona.
    Here is the link:

    By the way, I'm following your blog:3

    1. Haha, that sounds like so much fun! xD You must have been the EYECATCH of the street! x3

      Ooooh, thank you so much for your blog link! I always love to read from other Lolitas! Following you! x3

  3. aaaa baby lets danceeerrr <3 i love techpara cuz IM AGGRESSIVE RAWWWWRRRRRR ahuhuhahuhuh

    1. Haha, you're so hot! XD What's your favorite techpara tune, Honey?

  4. I liked this kinda dance style when I was younger a lot but I kinda grew out of it and it's a bit too simple for my liking now! What I really like about it though is the fact that nearly everybody can learn it since it's not really that difficult! :) Most people I know are doing like Modern Dance or something but that's so complex that not everybody can learn it which is a bit sad I guess :>

    1. I never viewed it this way, but what you say is so true! It's a dancing style that does unite people, I think! It's really sad that it's not that trending anymore. =/