Monday, September 24, 2012

Cause it's always a good time ♥

I can't really think of a reasonable entry this time, so I'm just gonna show you what I've been up to the past weeks. Photospam time! ;D

Trip to Oberammergau  ♥

Oberammergau is a really dreamy place in the south of Germany. If you like nature, arts and history, it's definately worth visiting! They're having a lot of gorgeous landscape, wonderful hiking paths, and never to forget - two of the great castles of King Ludwig II. of Bavaria are very close! ♥

Breathtaking art on the ceilling of an abbey
 I usually don't take photos in churches since I find it kinda disrespectful, but THIS... I just had to capture it. ;///;

Cute parrot at the entry of the park grounds of Linderhof castle
I wanna have one like that in my garden, please. :´D
Beautiful Linderhof castle ♥ 

 Compared to the other castles of King Ludwig II., this castle is kinda small and more like a mansion - but breathtaking beautiful nonethless! It has the most wonderful park I've ever seen! I wanna go back there soon ♥

In the back of the castle...
...the big "Neptune Fountain" is located. Unfortunately they had to turn off the water that day, since they were cleaning out the fountain. xD"
I so wish I could do a Lolita photoshooting there one day! >////<

My favorite part of castle Linderhof...
This is an artificial grotto, built to the wishes of King Ludwig II. He used it as his own private concert hall. The grotto does feature a big pond with a delicate gondola swimming on it. There's also a big artwork on one of the walls, showing a scene out of King Ludwig's favorite Opera "Tannhäuser". 
To suit this theme, the Tannhäuser Overture is played when entering the grotto...
It's like entering a dream world... beeing totally carried away by the enchanting scenery and wonderful tunes, I almost totally forgot to take photos. xD" 

I've also visited other places in Oberammergau, but the castle was the most impressive memory I collected.
I love everything connected to King Ludwig II., can't help it. xD" I also read a lot of books about him already, visited his castles, and even the place he died. I guess I'm just a big nerd about him. xD" But that man was such a genius related to arts... such a dreamer. 

Anyways, enough of that - sorry for the fangirling. xD"

Trip to Autria

It was basically just a short trip to visit my aunt and do some hiking! =D

Aunty had this cute little Bunny on her farm
I fed him fresh grass every day - such a fluffy little cutie

Hiking along the mountainside...
There was already snow falling on the top of mountains - so as you can guess, it was really COLD. xD" But the scenery was really worth freezing

My favorite photo of the trip!
...can you tell I love my mountains? xD 
I guess I could never live in a "flat environment" for too long. lol

One of the waterfalls we were passing by!
We kept refilling our waterbottles at such waterfalls - the water has really gorgeous quality! =)

After living in the city for 3 years now, it felt really good to return back to such a rural place again. I really love my city life, but it can be very stressful from time to time... during that short trip I could finally calm down from all that and relax a little. =)

Bierfest, YAY!

My city has its own little Bierfest every year, so of course I had to go. ;D

Perfect occassion to wear out my Dirndl
(I've chosen the long Dirndl that day, since it was rainy and cold outside. x__X I cut out my face since it was an after-partying-photo and I looked WASTED. lol)
My friends bought me a Hello Kitty balloon and a gingerbread-heart with "little star" written on it. Isn't that cute? :´D

Yes, we only have onesize glasses... which is 1 litre! ;D
...but I only had "kid's beer" that day. xD
(We call it kid's beer / Radler since its kinda light. It's 50% beer mixed with 50% lemonade! I don't like the taste of beer that much, so I always go for this version. ^^" ~ and NO, don't worry, we don't give that to kids. lol)

Ferris Wheel!
The Bierfest is actually a big funfair, so there area always a lot of fun rides around! The ferris wheel is always the most impressive one for me, so romantic

Bierfest is a lot of fun every year, but I always leave early because I cannot stand the drunk dudes that are unable to control themselves anymore. <.<

Last but not least - I went to a K-Pop party

Unfurtunately I don't have a full outfit picture... but the best part was my hairstyle anyways! xD" I did a fauxhawk with a hairpiece that I customized myself! 

I was so proud of it. :´D
 ...but next time I better work out the curls a little more. =/
I was wearing a black shirt, brown leo mini petticoat, black garterbelt, brown wedge-sandals and silver Tutuha-style cross necklace that day! =)

Bad Girl but I'm nice
Song of the night: BigBang - Tonight

So that was pretty much what I've been doing the past weeks, beside passing my exams for school. ;D During all those experiences, summer has slowly ended... are you looking forward to autumn now? ;D

Have a great time!

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?


  1. Aww I love the mountains too! Beautiful place that you visited! *_*
    And I'm really interested in a tutorial how to do your hairstyle... please? ^o^

    1. Ahhhw, thank you so much ♥ I might post more photos of travel scenery in the future, it's fun to talk about something other then fashion sometimes. =D

      Oh that hairstyle actually requires a wig hairpiece (the curly hairfall on top), so I don't know if it makes sense to do a tutorial about it. =/ I'll think of a solution nonethless! =D (I have a friend with long hair, I might ask her to model for me! XD)

  2. girl, you're beautifull whit this hair style*_*!! and you've see more beautifull place. :)

    1. Thank you so much, princess! ♥
      Yes, it was really fun to travel around for a while, even though I didn't travel far. XD
      I plan to travel around Italy next year, maybe there's a chance for meeting up with your new Gal-Sa? I'd really love to see Queenie as well ♥ ;D

  3. wondeful pics ^.^ i love bunny

    the hair style are so cool, i like it :3 you look so beautiful <3

    1. Ahhhw, thank you very much ♥ Bunnies have also been my favorite pet's forever - they're so fluffy and cute! ^///^

      I might do more hairstyles like this in the future ♥ It's kinda easy to style, but leaves such a big impact! Thanks for your compliment! ^///^

  4. Gott die Haare *___*;
    Das sieht unsagbar scharf aus!

    1. Ahhhw, ich danke dir vielmals <3 Made my day! ;D