Saturday, October 13, 2012

Gal trend forecast ♥

From checking the latest fashion mags and fall/winter collections of the big trends, I verdict some items to become really popular for fall/winter Gyaru wardrobe 2012... so I thought it would be fun sharing them with you! Let's see if my forecast will turn out to be right! ;D

Cat motives / Cat inspired fashion goods
 by Yumetenbo
 by GalStar
Potential: 90%
Seeing how many icon fashion brands are already sporting this trend, I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a big deal in fall/winter Gal style 2012!
Cat's are everywhere - cat printed Tee's, cat ear hat's and beanies, cat ear hairstyle, cat face shoes, cat printed thights... and the list goes on and on.
Not really my cup of tea, but I really cute to look at! ;D

Cat ear / Devil horn alice bands 
(mostly adorned with pearls and crystals)
by Yumetenbo
Potential: 75%
Totally fitting into the upcoming cat theme, this cat hairband is the the perfect accessory to go with cute styles ♥ Glavil does also take it's turn on this trend by sporting their absolute awesome devil horn hair accessory (which I personally like better then the cat ears).
However, it might be a bit hard to pull it off well. =/

Leather skirts
by Liz Lisa
Potential: 75%
I was really surprised to see this trend, especially since I never even considered combining leather x sweet styles. But as you can see, it is working pretty well! xD" (stupid me is stupid)
The leather skirts come mostly in fall/winter colors like bordeaux, brown, beige, dark green and black now. Sweet brands are mostly producing flared or pleated skirts, while mode labels prefer the classic look and rokku brands add studs and laces to their leather skirts.

Flared sleeve tops
by Skinny Lip
 Potential: 53%
I'm not 100% sure about this trend, but I see it pop up more and more often recently. 
I find the flared sleeves totally awesome and super cozy for fall/winter styles, hope to see more of it soon

Besides that, I can see a lot of "old" trends continueing. =)
Retro Girly style is still a big deal for the sweeter brands. Flag prints are still quite popular (especially the Union Jack), such as plateau heels. Beanies (of course also with cat ears. lol) will have their revival as soon as the temperature will drop, and leg fluffies/furry leg warmes are THE accessory for every Kuronba Gal. 

So much said, I'm excited to see which trends of my forecast will really become famous, haha. ;D

What's your forecast for fall/winter Gal fashion trends 2012?

Recent get's 

Surprise Parcel I got from my BF
I love it to pieces! *___* 
He even got that damn expensive Shiseido rouge for me, thank you so much! Q////Q Lucky me!

Mini make-up haul
All my favorite things ♥ 
Preparations for upcoming photoshooting! ;D
Lower lashes: Diamond Princess Eyes
Upper lashes: Diamond Angel Eyes (I was using Glamourous Eyes before, but they hardly show up in photos. =/)
Dolly Wink lash fix (alltime favorite ♥)
K-Star "1-day-tattoo" eyeliner (has the finest tip EVER. ♥)

And my new baby! :´D
Angelic Pretty "Little Birds Symphonia" OP in pink
I'm so excited about this one! Q////Q
It is the perfect princess dress. ♥ The cut is Rococo inspired, and the print is just too lovely... it's my first all-pink Lolita dress, and also the heaviest printed one! xD 
More of that later. ;D

I'm currently having a terrible cold (currently there's a flu-epidemic in Germany), so I hope you're all doing better then me! :´D
Have a great time

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?


  1. Die Katzen slipper sind mega süß *_* In Deutschland sind die schon lange Trend ♥ *_*
    Marc Jacobs hat die Originalen gemacht *_*
    *unbedingt haben will* *__*

    Dein Kleid ist so hammer ♥ hoffe bald Bilder zu sehen *_*

    1. Aaaaah, genau! Marc Jacobs war das! *___* Ich hab heute schon den ganzen Tag überlegt wer denn die Original Slippers gemacht hat - danke dir, ich werde das später im Post nachtragen ♥

      Ich werde das Kleid sobald wie möglich ausführen. ;D Aber vorher muss ich einen Fleck an der Schleife entfernen. x__X (Von der Vorbesitzerin)

  2. I have a cat hairband:) YAY! But oh the leather skirts I have a problem with, I think they would look so strange on me, maybe a black one would look okay.

    1. Oh cute! =D I'm hardly debating with myself whether to get such a hairband or not... I fear it might be the same as with the Usamimi I bought and have never worn since then. D:
      I think black goes with almost everything! If I get myself a leather skirt this season, I'll surely choose a black one, too! =D

  3. I love your new dress from AP! So gorgeous <3 I wanna see U in that dress soon :P

    Take care Princess :*

    1. Ahhhw, thank you so much ♥
      I'll plan to wear out that dress very soon, once the weather got better! It's such a breathtaking beautiful item, I'm so lucky to have it! ^////^

  4. Replies
    1. Oh yes he issss ♥ I'm very lucky to have him, and I'm even luckier that he's going to move into my apt in a few days! :´D

  5. Ich liebe deinen Style, würde es aber niemals wagen zu tragen! xoxo

    1. Vielen Dank für das Kompliment! x3
      Falls du es doch einmal versuchen willst... es gibt auch Gal-Styles die weniger auffällig sind! =D *sharing the Gal love, haha* xD