Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Christmas Countdown ~ 34 days to go! ♥

Hey dears

Sorry for the lack of updates again, but my life has been quite busy recently! ;D Let me tell you a couple of things that are worth mentioning

It's just a used little Fiat Punto Cult, so nothing to brag about...
 (sorry, I just have this tiny photo on my pc. xD")
...but I'm still so happy to have him. ♥ Yes, HIM! I gave him the name "Sephiroth". :´D (Outing myself as a FF VII fangirly now... but cannot unsee the similarity of the car finish and Sephiroth's hair! *__*)
So happy

The only thing that is able to make me even happier these days is the fact, that my BF is going to move into my apt. I'm so excited and happy to live with him, I just can't wait! ^////^ 
Haha, but you know I don't want to spam you with lovey-dovey things, so back to other topics. ;D

2 weeks ago, my lovely friend Shoi came to visit me! We didn't meet for almost 1 year, I missed her so much! >////< 
She asked me to style her Gyaru-ish, so I tried my best - and it turned out pretty well! I hope I could convince her to wear that style, haha! x3

Shoi already changed back into her own clothes on this photo, and the hair lost a bit of its volume... but nonethless, I think it turned out pretty well. And most importantly: she liked it a lot, and was really happy! What a wonderful day we had

Of course it was the perfect occassion for me to dress up, too. =P
Little photospam! ;D

The only Sel-Ca that looked decent... lol

I wore my favorite Liz Lisa Winter Collection dress that day

My face looks so long here. O__O"

On the day Shoi visited me, the first snow of this years winter season was falling down. =)

I'm so in christmas mood now! ♥ I cannot wait to start baking christmas cookies, decorate the house and open the 1st door of my advent calendar! >/////< 
And then I found THIS at the local supermarket! *___*
(photo taken from google)
(comes with a Hello Kitty shaper and obviously cute cookie box!)
I can't wait to try them out! xD The cookies will have pink color
Now I'm sure its gonna be the best Christmas EVER, haha! xD

That's it for now! ;D I'll be updating once my life will get more exciting. lol
So far, have a good time beauties!

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?


  1. you look so supercute! And I love your car *-* I had a fiat uno as first car~ but it was way too old and damaged. Hope your lasts longer xD

    1. Thank you so much for that compliment, made my day! ^/////^

      I have to admit that I'm a HORRIBLE driver, so I guess that my little Sephiroth will have a few bumps here and there very soon. xD" But I'll try my best to prevent it. lol

  2. OH. MY. GOSH. Such a long time without Chira, and now I see those beautiful pics.. *faints*

    Seriously, you look amazing as always ;w; And your face doesn't look long =_= And.. ahem, did you start driving your own car..? Germany won't be anymore a safe place XDDDD
    (just kidding hon :P)

    Aaaaaaand I WANT THAT COOKIE MIX!!!! Why nobody sells such cute things in Italy?! ;_; I waaaaant it.

    Please don't wait months again to update XD I was missing you ;_;
    Have a great day!

    1. Ahhhhw ♥ *hugs*

      Thank you so so sooo much for your compliments, that really made my day ♥ I'm recently a bit struggling with Gyaru (I see too many mistakes in my make-up and such), so it's cheering me up soooo much to hear your nice words! Thanks a million ♥

      Haha, you're so right about the driving thing! XD I didn't cause any harm yet, only my poor little car had to suffer a bit... I killed the engine several times today, I so hope to get over with that problem soon! xD" (It's so embarrassing to have a line of cars behind you waiting impatiently, lol. Hello pressure! xD")

      I'll be baking the cookies on next weekend - let's see if they taste as awesome as they look like! :´D

      Haha, you sweety - next blogpost is coming soon, I already have something in mind. ;D

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