Sunday, January 6, 2013

Happy new year!! ♥

Hey dear's, how you're all doing? =D
May you all have a happy and sucessful 2013! Wishing you only the best

I just survived a heavy case of infectious mononucleosis. x___X 
I had a strong fever for almost 2 weeks, which made my body become so super weak... still now, I have a lot of problems will low blood pressure and feeling tired and worn out ~ I had no feeling for blogging therefore, very sorry. =/
But enough of that negative stuff. ;D 

So now that we've already reached year 2013, I thought it would be fun to take a look at last years resolutions for 2012... this is what I wanted to do in 2012:

- live together with my BF
DONE. So happy about it, live has never been sweeter
- loose a little weight
I actually lost 8kg, which I'm so happy about
- do my driving license
I got my driving license in April AND my own car in November! Now if that isn't a big achievement for me. :´D
- try to not be as sensitive anymore
Nyah, fail. xD" I'm just as sensitive, so I'm gonna keep this resolution on my list for 2013. lol
- wear lolita more often / attend more meetups
Failed with that one as well. =/ But it'll get better in 2013, now that I have my own car. :´D Sweet freedom

And that's my list of new year resolutions for 2013!

- fit into these Ma*rs pants  
(starting with size 26, hopefully fitting into size 25 by the end of year! Ò__O/):
- graduate in nursing with a very good degeree and get an awesome and well paid job
- wear more lolita and gyaru
- DIY extensions
I want blonde + pastel mint & pink dip dye like this girl
 (photo taken from google, unfortunately I have no idea who this beautiful girl actually is. :/)
- do more para para 
- travel to Taiwan, China and Japan with my love 
(which basically means saving a looooooot of money. xD")

Oh, and since we just stumbled across the words "save money"... my recent yumetenbo buys. :´D  

Chiffon dress (offwhite)
I already wanted to buy this one when it first came out in spring 2012, but I was too greedy. =/
Now I got it with a little discount, lucky me it hasn't sold out yet! ^////^

Blouse (offwhite) and halter skirt (beige)
I bought these two items seperately, I just loved how the coordinate looks! So cute, Roma-Gal ♥

I also bought a simple white knit and cute beige nordic boots in Munich yesterday ~ discount everywhere, I love Winter Sales! :´D 
I found a perfect white long pullover for a Gal coordinate at Pimkie yesterday, but apparently size S looks totally baggy on me (the sizing is really off, same happened to my friend) - I'm still considering buying the pullover and washing it very hot + tumble dry... since its a wool blend, it might shrink a bit? x__X 

Argh, whatever. xD" 

Here's the most recent photo of myself and my BF. =) (To keep the tradition of ending every 2nd blog entry with a face-spam of myself. xD)

...on our christmas date. =)
I'm looking wasted on it because of the fever, sorry. xD"

Have a good start in 2013! =D

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?


  1. U look so cute. Love your coat and boots, lovely outfit <3

    1. Thank you so much, princess ♥ I wanted to wear something special that day, since it was christmas eve ^////^