Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Recent buys ~ wish it was spring already! ♥

I've been doing too much shopping, recently. xD"

My BF took me out to go to Munich for a couple of times, where HUGE sales are going on ♥
So Gals, if you're in Munich you definately gotta check out:

~ ARICO shoestore at the main station (They're also running a clothing store at the other side of the main station, but they don't really have much to sell there. <.<) Can get a super cute pair of warm boots for 10€  ♥
~ Tally Weijl - Basically always worth a visit, especially if you're searching for sexy clothes that match Kuronba // Agejo style. They're currently having a big sale on sexy wool pullovers with deep neckline! I bought 2 of them ♥
Oh, and for all Lolitas: They're currently selling a mint colored leather jacket. Might be interesting for sweet Lolitas. ;)
~ New Yorker is currently selling a wide range of knit pullovers with crosses, that are very similiar to the ones beeing sold at Galstar! A perfect basic item for rokku style ♥

I'm very happy that I could make a lot of good deals due to those sales! ^////^ 

I also saw some very amazing clothes! Especially this one...

Too amazing to describe with words ~
Would look awesome under a sheer shirt, but for sure I'd never have the guts to wear that! xD

I also got some super cute clothes in the mail the past weeks ♥ Let me show you what I got!

Yumetenbo Onepiece "Antique Rose Print"
It is really lovely and well made, I'm so happy I got this ♥
It is fully lined, and flares out very nicely at the bottom! I hope spring is coming soon, so that I can wear this baby out! >///<

Yumetenbo blouse
There's nothing more to say, it's absolutely perfect ♥
I especially love the button and ruffle detail, so cuuuute ♥
It has now become my favorite blouse ♥

Yumetenbo suspender skirt
Unfortunately far too big on me. ;___;
According to the Yumetenbo size chart, it should fit perfectly... so I was kinda disappointed how baggy it looks on me. =/
I'll try to alter it, because it's to cute to re-sell it. >////<
...I love the tiny bow's on the buttons! ♥

I also bought this Liz Lisa pullover second hand
It is so cozy warm and cute, but unfortunately sooo baggy on me! Makes me look like a marshmallow. ;__;
(I'll try some more coordinates with it, but if it doesn't turn out well I might re-sell it. =/)

Dammit, I really spent too much money on clothes. So hard to resist the sales! xD" 
Time to save up a little now ♥
But for you...

Enjoy the Sales, may you all grab a nice deal! ;)

Kinda nonsense / no meaning post this time, some more reasonable entry's hopefully coming soon! XD"

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?


  1. great haul ^^ love the dresses and things from liz lisa!

    1. Thank you so much ♥
      Unfortunately its too cold outside to wear them out at the moment - can't wait for the sun to come back out! >////<

  2. Yeah, that's a really epic piece of lingerie!

    1. Haha, I think so! I wonder which girl has the guts to wear that, so admirable!

      You have an awesome blog and awesome style, I'll be following you from now on! =D

  3. So cute your new stuff! I love Yumetenbo dress the most <3

    1. We have the same taste, it seems - I also love the dress the most, haha! I wish I can wear it out veryyyy soon! >////<