Friday, February 8, 2013

Sales again ♥ ~ wishlist items & sporting Agejo ♥

 Hey sweethearts, how are you doing? ;)

I'm doing a massive closet cleanout at the moment, due to weight loss and a little style change! Please check my Sale:
Sales Post under here! ;)
If you're interested in an item, you can drop me a comment under the Sales Post, or here at my blog! ;)

"Style change" doesn't mean I'm leaving Gyaru Style, its actually the total opposite - since my body is in better shape now, I feel more and more comfortable to wear sexy Gal clothes :´D I'm really eager to move from cute Romagal style to to sexy Kuronba & Agejo ♥ (Even though I won't quit wearing Liz Lisa, I just want... more variety in my closet now. xD)

Due to that, my love for d.i.a started blooming again... these are my new wishlist items now ♥

Sexy Ma*rs garter pants I won at an auction today ♥
Size 25 - they're my motivation pants to loose more weight! >////<

Sexy d.i.a knit pullover ♥
Preferrably in white, but black also rocks! 

The infamous d.i.a moon belt!
Lusting over this for a couple of months already ♥
Want it with golden chain details!

Overknee boots by Yumachi for Yumetenbo
Sexy legs sponsored by cute Anji Ishio, check out her blog please! =D Gyaru Sekai
Sold out at Yumetenbo in no time, now it's quite hard to get them (second hand) - but I'll hunt them down and find them anyways, haha ~ law of attraction, baby ♥

I. Fairy Casper Brown + I. Fairy super crystal brown circle lenses
 Just had to throw out my Princess Mimi brown and green lenses, now I only have diameter 14,5 lenses left Q_Q
I love the style of these lenses so much! I saw the casper brown lenses on a Black Diamond gal, so sexy ♥ And the super crystal brown ones might give my eyes the honey golden color I wish for a few years already >////<
Argh, how to get a sponsor for circle lenses... xD

Let me end this entry with a quote of my gaijin gyaru idol Queenie:
"Why did I never see you doing Agejo?"
~ xD

Challenge accepted, here I am:
 My new favorite hairstyle ♥
Still gotta fight the flabby arms, though - 40 more push-ups tonight! xD

 Full Coordinate
 Dress: Offbrand
Choker: Customized offbrand
Jacket: Ma*rs
Boots: Yumetenbo
Garter: Ageha store
Random accessory: Offbrand

Have an awesome time and don't forget to check my sales, please! ;)

It's such a sweet, sweet life, isn't it?


  1. woahh!! this style is perfect for you *o*!! i love the hair, please, make a tutorial XD!!!

    anyway, you're always beautifull :)!

    1. Thank you so much princess, that really made my day! *hugs* ^////^
      I'm always so happy to see you posting, too! <3

      My hair actually consists of 3 hairpieces in that photo, so I don't know if it really makes sense to make a tutorial about that. XD"

  2. uh du kommst aus deutschland *w* <3
    ich bin durch gyaru com sales auf deinen blog gekommen, du hast ein tollen style :3

    1. Hallo und herzlich Willkommen! ;D Freut mich sehr das du zu meinem Blog gefunden hast, ich bin happy über jeden Leser! <3

      Und vielen Dank für das Kompliment, das ist so süß von dir! ^///^
      Ich bin noch lange nicht gut genug um mich wirklich Gyaru zu schimpfen, aber ich hab viel Spaß daran mein Ziel zu verfolgen. ;D

  3. Schwarz/Rosa passt doch immer gut zusammen ^^

    Ich hab dich mal nominiert ^^ Vielleicht magst du ja mitmachen.

    Liebste Grüße

    1. Ahhhw, vielen Dank Prinzessin! *flausch*
      Wenn ich mal wieder eine kreative Minute habe, werde ich den Award sicherlich zum Blog Entry machen! Das ist sooo lieb von dir <3