Sunday, July 6, 2014

♥Random bit's of life♥

Before I make my massive shopping haul post, I'd like to give short summary about the happenings of the last weeks - just to assure you that I'm not only sitting in front of the PC, chasing after clothes on mbok. lol

I got my copy of the final issue of the EGG magazine!
They really made an awesome last issue!
There's a special about egg models of the past years, and they also printed a timeline of all EGG covers! So interesting, I felt like taken back in time. Q__Q Nostalgia strikes!

Yun looks brilliant in all of her shootings, especially in the Bikini special of this issue! I'm gonna miss her funny snapshots with the other models. =/

I'm not gonna make this another post about magazines dying out, because I'm pretty sure we can also make it without printed media. Time to be a little more creative ourselves, I think of it as a challenge! =D

Recently my hair was showing big damage on the tips again, I guess it's because I went tanning quite a lot recently. =/ So it was time to pull out my secret weapon...
Shiseido Tsubaki hair oil!

I first tried it when I was in Taiwan - back then, the damp air destroyed my hairstyles IN NO TIME. I got more and more frustrated every day, it was a big problem! xD" I saw all those cute taiwanese girls on the streets, with their neatly layed flat hair waving softly in the wind - while I was looking like a broom, with my hair sticking out to all directions possible! 

I was very lucky that the staff of Cosmed could recommand a suitable product for my hair type (which was a challenge for the staff as well, not only because I am a foreigner but also my hair is chemically processed).
So after the next shower, I carefully massaged 5-8 drops of the oil into my hair - and OMG, it has never been softer and fluffier before, a miracle! :'D 
I spent the half day running my fingers through my hair, I swear. lol

I ordered this bottle from Japan now, for a quite high price of 15€... but by the little amount I need, it'll last for at least 6 month. 
I`m very happy with this product, and I can only recommand it to everybody that has problems with dry hair / untamable hair. =)

I also got into DIY Gel Nails the past weeks!
I never got my nails done since my Taiwan trip, and spending at least 40€ every 4 weeks seemed to be a bit too pricey anyways... But I really missed my shiny and firm nails, so I thought I might as well try it myself!

This was a quite cheap starter Set that I found online, and I even got another 15% discount on it! Obviously, I couldn't resist any longer. xD
My first try of Gel nails was a quite... interesting experience. ~lol I'm very thankful my BF helped me during the process, otherwise I would have given up easily. And the outcome wasn`t even that bad...
No close-up though... trust me, you don`t wanna see that. lol

It actually was pretty fun to do the nails in the end, so now I'm already thinking about which design to do next! There are so many inspiring photos and videos out there, it's a bit hard to decide!

Last but not least, I decorated our balcony with some nice flowers
The balcony is my little recreation spot within the appartement. ^^

I also got us a box with mixed herbs, I love to use them for daily cooking! Fresh herbs really improve the taste of the dishes a lot. x3

Oh, and I also got this beautiful hydrangea for my B-Day - it's so pretty! x3
I hope I can keep it healthy and beautiful for a long time! Still need to work on my green thumb. xD"

Well, so far about this side of my life. I'll be up with a little more Gal related post soon. ;D
Have a good time!

xoxo, Chira ♥


  1. I love flowers *_* your herbs look so great ....I need a balcony XD mine just look so lala~

    I wanna try the hair oil too, I think! Thank you!

  2. Haha, honestly - my balcony also looks pretty sad right now. =/ The weather was so cold this "summer", that the plants were suffering a lot... Q__Q

    Yesss, try that oil! I started using the current bottle when I wrote this entry, now it's still 1/3 full! The 15 bucks are really worth it! x3