Thursday, July 10, 2014

♥we are the crazy tribe♥ ~ d.i.a haul!!♥

Hey sweethearts! ♥♥

I've sold quite a lot of 2nd hand stuff recently, so I got myself some new (means... 2nd hand from mbok, lol) stuff from Japan. I've used Treasure Japan as shopping service this time - it's easier then all the shopping services I dealt with before, I'm super happy with the whole process! Definately gonna use their service again. =)

So here's what I got ♥

d.i.a top
 LOVED this ever since I've seen it on EGG magazine years ago, I cried happy tears when I finally held it in my hands! :'D The colors are so strong, and the print is amazingly well done - I could just stare at the top for half a day instead of actually wearing it. ~lol
Gonna pair it with sexy hotpants, lace up platforms, heavy bracelets and a cowboy hat. And gawd, I need a REALLY dark tan... *adding "tanning" to my to-do-list* =P

d.i.a button up jacket
Well, not so reasonable to buy this kinda jacket at this time of the year, right? xD" But it was such a cheap deal that I just couldn't resist. AND temperatures are so chilly in Germany atm that I already got to wear the jacket twice! WIN! xD
It's a thinner kind of cloth, so it's more suited for spring / autumn weather. However, it's really sexy when worn, though it comes a tiny tad short on me.

d.i.a sailor dress

Another item that was on my wishlist for really long time - the infamous d.i.a sailor dress in navy blue!! 
It actually turned out to be a romper kind of garment, having safety shorts sewed in - which I obviously find AWESOME! *__* (nothing better then sewed in shorts... seriously.:'D)
My favorite part is the sailor collar, obviously ♥

d.i.a neon neckholder top
I actually wanted to purchase lot's of neon colored pieces, but I ended up with mostly dark / black stuff. This is one of the rare neon pieces. lol
I casually stumbled upon this top while browsing mbok, and it was love at 1st sight. :'D

d.i.a lace up vest

Looks quite unspectacular like this, but OMG - it's so sexy when worn! It has a good amount of stretch and a lacing in the back, so it's very snug on the body ♥ 
Super lucky that I got this item ♥
Yumetenbo cutsew

A really cheap find! I found it looks very similiar to some d.i.a pieces, so I had to include it to my order list. :'D Unfortunately it's a bit too big on me... I hope to find a way to fix this problem, because it's a really gorgeous and comfy piece to wear! Q__Q

Oh, and I also got this Black Diamond uniform set from Diamant Rose Webshop!
I've been lusting over this for REALLY LONG, but I always hesitated to buy from their jp webstore due to handling+shipping+custom fee's... I was so happy to find it within Europe, so I immediately took the chance! :'D
It's super good quality, the fabric is simply awesome - feels a little like a softshell material, but much softer! The print is very fine and detailed, and the Zebra lining simply kicks asses. :'D

And to express my love for AV Gal...
...I got myself this sexy Monokini!! 
Now I just need...
1. a toned body
2. a really dark tan
3. ca. 3l of baby oil
Far to go... xD"

That's all I've been shopping recently - quite a lot, now I better take a loooong break from spending money. xD" ( if I could really do that... Q__Q)

Let me end this post with some outfit photo, since I couldn't resist wearing my new stuff right away. ♥
Set up: Black Diamond x Crazy Tribe
Top: d.i.a
Choker: Handmade by an lovely US Gal
(sorry dear, I forgot your nick... I remember your looks and website design perfect, but I can't seem to find your name anywhere! If you see this, shoot me a message and I'll fill in your name! =D)
Belt: d.i.a
Boots: Esperanza

I also uploaded it to Instagram, and I got a comment by B-Dia! So happy~ :'D

And here's a selfie =)

With the lovely sailor dress ♥
I swear I'm at least 5 shades more tan then this, I should really ditch the filters. lol
And I need new extensions... let's see how long I can hold this desire back. lol

Wishing you all a lovely time! =D

xoxo, Chira ♥

P.S.: Having GIANT problems with blogspot formatting again, WTF. ~__~
Sorry, the entry looks like a mess - and I can't seem to find a way to fix it. Q_Q


  1. Ohhhh, die Sachen sind so toll *_* Das Sailor Kleid habe ich auch schon mehrmals im Internet besabbert *g* Und das Neckholder-Top gefällt mir auch richtig gut, wäre genau mein Stil ^^ Ich würde so gerne mehr Outfit-Fotos mit den ganzen Teilen sehen, oder auch generell, ich find dir steht der Stil einfach total gut :3

    1. Ahhhw, danke für die lieben Worte!! Das bedeutet mir wirlich viel! x3

      Ich war die letzte Zeit leider sehr beschäftigt und hatte nur selten die Gelegenheit Gyaru zu tragen - deshalb gab's auch ewig keine Upates mehr... sorry. Q__Q Aber am WE will ich wieder bloggen beginnen! ;D

  2. I'm in love with your sailor dress *___* is perfect!!

  3. huhc...*den eintrag übersehen gehabt hat x.x - blogger gerne die verfolgten blogs nicht anzeigt im dashboard*

    das sailor dress und die weste sind so awesome ;w; und erst recht die black diamond uniform.
    Steht dir sooooooooo gut, awesome sexy ~

    1. Argh, das kenn ich auch von blogger!! Super ärgerlich!!

      Ahhhw, wie immer vielen Dank für die Komplimente, da geht mir das Herz auf! ^///^ Das gibt mir umso mehr Motivation wieder öfters Gal zu tragen. xD"

  4. ich hatte dein bild auf gyaru valentines gesehen und OMG das bdia set steht dir so unglaublich gut. du wirkst auch auf den foto nicht wirklich blass, also steht dir mega gut ^^

    1. Hab tausend Dank für die lieben Worte, das ist super süß von dir! x3 Übrigens hab ich dank dir das Valentine auch erst gefunden, haha ~ Dankeschön xD

      Ich folge dir auch schon eine Weile, deine Outfits finde ich MEGA!! Hab zwischenzeitlich sogar mal überlegt mir auch wieder die Haare kurz zu schneiden. x3 (steht dir super!)